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Clearly there won't be any opportunities to buy IEP train tickets for use on scheduled IEP routes until the first trains are introduced on the Great Western Mail Line in 2017.

When those first scheduled services start running, you'll be able to find all the information you'll need on tickets and fares right here, both for GWML routes and those covered on the East Coast Main Line.

That said, we may see some options for buying tickets to ride the IEP in advance of the first passenger services, perhaps on inaugural runs or as special offers limited to news reporters and other official bodies.

Of course - once the trains do start running - your options for buying tickets are almost certainly going to be exactly the same as they are now. There are plenty of ways to find and book rail journeys, either online or in person, and directly with the rail operators themselves or using one of the rail tickets resellers who often offer the best price fares (particularly if booking in advance).

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IEP services are due to start operation on the Great Western Main Line in 2017. Trains on these routes are operated by First Great Western

.There are a number of options for comparing fares for journeys within and to the western regions of the UK both now and once the IEP's enter passenger service, though if you prefer to make a booking direct with the operator then you're best off going direct to First Great Western's website.


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