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Hi. My name’s Steve, you can read more about me and on the about page.

Right here though is where you’ll find how to contact us (or me to be precise). Details are just below.
But before we get to that, it might be worth outlining why you may want to make contact….

You may want some more info on that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere on the site.

You may have some info you want to share that you think could be useful to other readers (and I’m always happy to review well presented info for potential publication)

You may be another webmaster wanting to discuss some aspect of the site or a potential collaboration.

Or you may be representing an operator and have something to share or discuss.

So if it’s any of these (or indeed any one of a number of other reasons) then feel free to send in whatever’s on your mind. I’ll always respond.

My full name – Steve Cross
Email – steve (at)

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