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Hi. My name’s Steve. I’m the owner and author of

Great domain name for a website about the new Hitachi built Intercity Express train sn’t it? You could say it’s the perfect domain for presenting information on the replacement for the ageing InterCity 125 fleets which have graced British railways for around 40 years.

The new trains are expected to be a well received replacement for that workhorse.

So how did start?

Back in 2015 I read about the IEP train programme – the new government initiative to find a version of express which would give comfortable, reliable, and fast travel on UK tracks.

At the time, I already had another HST related site running at – a site dedicated to the HS1 train which was used to ferry passengers to the Olymoic Games venues for the UK Olympics, and still provides fast train services to south east region commuters into London.

Within a year the first version of an IEP train informational website was created at, and subsequently here at

I’m hoping it will come to be seen as one of the leading resources on the new intercity trains, certainly one which has as much or more useful info as any other leading train travel websites.


My credentials? What puts me in a good position to pull together the site?
Well, there are a few reasons…..

1. As noted a  minute ago – I already have had running for a good few years. It’s a successful website which has high organic rankings in search engines even though it’s never seen any form of paid advertising. In fact the ‘Olympic Javelin Train’ page has been archived as a page of importance about those Games.

2. I’m a regular rail traveller on the Great Western routes

3. I’m an experienced website builder with about 12 years experience.

All that said, I’m always happy to hear of any views that suggest either we’re successfully providing the info you want or need to improve it in any way. So if you’re reading down this far and do have something to comment on or suggest, then please send something in. I’ll always respond.

Cheers Steve

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